Enjoy collecting as many candy just Click, drag and match at least three or more candies that are alike.
Looking for a game that is not only fun and exciting but can also test your ability to think, decide and what move to do. Well do not look further because this is the online game that has it all, the Candy Match 3.

Kids, teenager, grown up or any aged can play Candy Match 3 for FREE. Play it anytime and anywhere you want especially during your spare time, this is one game that won’t bore you while playing.
Not only that the graphics, colors and other more is not an eye sore for a player. It is refreshing one to look at especially if you are playing longer. Aside from eye-catching colors and graphics especially the candies that you need to line up, the music is very catching and very soothing to your ears.

Candy Match is very easy to play even three years old could surely play this. This is a click and drag online game that will entertain you. Just remember the goal in this game is to match those candies at least three or much better if more that are alike. The more candies that you match the higher the score the player will get. Aside from that, there will be an additional extension of a few seconds at the timer.

Remember click and drag. Look at the candies at the puzzle. Look for those candies that can be lineup and match. Remember candies should be three or more to be able to be crush and a new one will appear. Just click the candy and drag it.

If you think this just a simple online game, better think twice because skills are also needed upon playing. Sharpness of mind and eyesight is needed. Aside from those, fast and quick movement is also needed before the time is up. The more candies match added time will be given.

So challenge yourself in playing Candy Match 3 and much better if you have someone to compete with on who can get the highest score. Friendly competition is nice from time to time. Have fun in matching those sweet candies.