Good Benefits of Chocolate
Candies and chocolate are popular because of the sweet taste that it provide to the kids and grown up as well. Did you know that there are good benefits that one can get like in chocolates? There is researcher already that says that there are certain chocolates that are good for the health. Like those creamy chocolate confections that can actually help to live longer.
There are studies that point out that dark chocolate has potential health benefits because it has more cacaos and less sugar milk in it than the milk chocolate and also it can improve the flow of blood and function of the blood-vessels. Aside from these, it may lower the blood pressure.
Almost everybody loves to eat chocolate. But do you know what vitamins are in the chocolate that you can get? This contains vitamin A, B1, C, D and E, and also fluorine, sodium, and potassium.
It has been a century already that chocolate has been used to treat diseases like bronchitis, insect bites, and depression. In Europe and Mexico uses chocolate as an aphrodisiac.
Have you noticed that the smell of the chocolate can make you feel relax? It is because the smell of the chocolate can increase the theta brain wave. The cocoa butter in the chocolate can help raise good cholesterol because this contains oleic acid and mono-saturated fat. The flavonoids that in the chocolate help the blood vessels to be elastic. The phenylethylamine in the chocolate is the mild mood elevator. The source of chocolate which is cacao contains antibacterial agents that fight tooth decay and also this also contains small quantities of the stimulants bromine and caffeine which don’t cause nervous excitability.
Eating chocolates increased the antioxidant levels in the blood. The carbohydrates in it raise the level of serotonin in the brain that results in a sense of well-being.
These are just only some of the good benefits that you can get in chocolates or candies. Moderate intake should be always remembered because too much can also have a negative side effect to your body. So careful on what you eat.