One way to bribe a child to behave or do something is giving those candies or chocolate. Well what do you think, isn’t it right? Even you as a child I bet you candies that you were also bribed by someone when you were younger.
Candies are sweets food that can be in different flavored like fruit flavored, shaped where it can be round, oblong, square, rectangle, star-shaped, heart shaped and other shaped known, the texture can be brittle and hard or soft and chewy and much more. The texture of these candies will depend also on the ingredients use and also the temperature while on the process. But the final texture of these will also depend mainly on the sugar concentration
These candies principal or main ingredient is sugar. Where in sugar is dissolved in water or a milk to form syrup where it is boiled till it reached the desired concentration or when it starts to caramelize. Aside from the candy itself that attracts kids and even grown up the packaging is also important. With the right packaging of the candy is very important because this can preserve the aroma and the flavor of the candy and also it seals it against the moisture, germs, dust and air.
Candies will always be a part of everyone life not only children but as well as the adult. Almost everyone cannot resist these sweet temptations. Gummy bears, chocolates, marshmallows are just some of these sweet temptations that anyone cannot resist. Some would really stock some of these candies in their bedroom just so that they can have it anytime.
But always remember that too many sweets taken are also risky in your health especially in your teeth. Because candies are consists mostly of sugar these are a reason for the formation of cavities or dental cavities. When the sugar is metabolized by the bacteria it can produce acids in the mouth where it can demineralize the tooth enamel and also can lead to dental caries. It will cause tooth decay. Aside from this too many sweets can also cause or prone to diabetes.
So make sure that minimize or do not consume so much sugar.