A sweet treat that everyone loves is candy. Candy is loved by all, kids and grown up too. This is use as a treat or even a bribe to others. Candies are really great treats to children because of the sweetness that they can taste it and even sometimes flavored ones.
In the late 13th century the English word candy was used where it was derived from the Arabic word qandi that means made of sugar. Some believed that it was the caveman was the first to conceived the idea of sweet treats, were in they made candies out of honey by drying it and form a taffy-like concoction to please their sweet tooth. Aside from this, they say that about 3000 years ago that the Indians were believed the first one to use the sweet juice of the sugarcane and the first to make the brown sugar.
They say that the origin of the candies can be traced from the ancient Egyptians where it can be traced back as 200BC where other believed that they were the first people that made candy. They used the candies in ceremonies to worship their gods and goddesses. Honey was used by them to make candy by adding nuts, figs, spices, and dates. Also during this time around the Greeks also used the honey to make candied flowers, stems, and fruits. And aside from theses they also discovered how to make a syrup from dates and figs. The Chinese and Romans make barley sugar candies with the honey that was cooked or heated in an oven. Aside from these people the Indians and the people in the Middle East also did make some candies.
They say that the first sweets that were consumed were believed to be some sort of medical treatment for digestive troubles.
As the time goes by different forms of candies were slowly been developed in different part of the world. Over the next centuries, the spread of sugarcane had a great impact most, especially on the China confectionery habits.
Around the 14th century, the Venetians started to import sugar to make a candy. Before candies were just exclusive to the wealthy people only because the sugar was expensive. But now candies are affordable to can make a kid smile when they see candies.