Disadvantage of too much Candy
Too much sugar is not good for the health, so too much candy is not good. In some candy, refined sugar is sometimes used as an ingredient in it. Refined sugar is also known as sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, which is just a few other names of it and there is more. That sugar that occurs naturally is healthy like from vegetables, fruits, and whole grain. But those refined sugars have a lot of disadvantage to a person health.
Too much candy or sweets can increase the level of insulin that can put a person at risk to develop diabetes. Including also these as part of your diet can add a lot of empty calories to your intake of daily caloric that can cause easily excess gain of weight and can also lead to obesity.
Consumption of too many candies and sweets can risk cavities. As these candies and sweets have contact to your mouth it can occur an acidic reaction. The teeth are attacked by acid that can cause the teeth to decay. And in the long run, this can lead to cavities.
Another disadvantage is it can lower the immune system of the body. Too much can hinder the function of the immune system that can make you prone to flu, colds, and other viruses.
Eating candy which has sugar content can cause acne. Because sugar is a high-glycemic food that the body breaks it fast into glucose that causes a large spike in the blood sugar levels. Because of the participation of the high-glycemic diet, it can increase in the acne. Meaning the sugar intensify the cause to develop an acne.
Like they all say too much can cause damage to your health. So in short too much sugar can result in cavities and might affect the level of insulin that can raise the risk of high-blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and depression. And too much intake can cause headaches or a migraine.
Minimize or control every intake of candy, chocolate or any sweets and think about your health and what will be the disadvantage if you excess on it. Remember health is wealth as what they say.