Different types of candy
There are different candies that a person can choose. With a wide variety of selection to choose from it will be a very difficult task to choose which one is your favorite or which one to choose among all the candies that you can see. Going to a candy store will surely give you a headache on what to choose. If a kid will go to a candy store, the adult that accompanying the kid will surely have a hard time on controlling a kid around the store. The kid will really want to have all the candies that he or she can see if that is only possible.
The candy store is a place where a person can see different types of variety of candies. These candies can be available in different texture which can be either hard or soft. Aside from these, there are different flavors that can be choose and different shapes and sizes where it can sure attract kids to want to buy one.
There are different types of candies are available in the market. It can chocolate, gummies, caramels, hard candies, cotton candy, licorice, chewing gums, lollipops, and sours.
Chocolate is one of the most popular candies not only for kids but as well for the adults. This is also common when courting their loved ones or someone special to them. These are made from cacao. One of the most popular chocolates that can be seen in the market is the Hershey, Snickers, M&Ms, Kit Kat, Milky Way and much more
Those gelatin based chewy soft candies are called gummies. These gummies can be seen in different colors, flavors, and shapes. Aside from the common shaped that we are used to liking round, heart and others, the shaped can also be shaped of animals, flowers or depending on the manufacturer creativity.
For the caramel is done by cooking the sugar and water together.
The hard candies are those sugary candies that will dissolve slowly in our mouth.
Cotton candy is made of 100% sugar. This can be seen and very popular at the amusement parks and carnivals.
Well, these are just some only and there are still more.